Online Quran Teaching Academy

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May - 8 - 2011

” And recite the QURAN in slow measured rhythmic tones” (Surah Muzammil|73:4)

To Recite QURAN like other QUR’A do, in the most best accent following the Tajweed Rules.

3-4 months would enable the student to recite QURAN following the Tajweed rules in the best accent, Insha’Allah.

The course contents are:-

  1. Revision of Tajweed Rules.
  2. Introduction to 7 recitations of QURAN.
  3. Basic condition for validation of Qirat.
  4. Learning ways of Qir’at, i.e. HADR & TARTEEL.


Its really remarkable when one recites Beautiful QURAN in a beautiful voice.